Weddings, Doodles, and Design on the Clock.

Hello! I’ve been pretty busy this year! I accepted a position as an in-house graphic designer and it has really kept me on my toes! It’s been a wild ride so far, and I’ve become intimate with Adobe Illustrator like I wouldn’t have believed possible (haha). Luckily I still get to do somsuperheroe hand drawn stuff here and there. I am currently working on an August Sales Conference “campaign” with Superheroes as the theme. It’s crazy fun! There are banners, invitations, presentations, and even a giant graffiti wall that will contain a few fun doodles. Here’s a little illustration pic from the graffiti wall. I will post pictures of all of the cool things after they go to print. Such fun!

I am also so very happy to have the honor of working on wedding suites for a few friends this year. It is so much fun to translate their ideas and excitement for their big day onto paper! Here are a few peeks at their pieces:


Best Buds Smoke & Sundries Branding

Final logo
Finished logo

Best Buds will be a new shop coming to Raleigh in the first half of 2015. They will sell high end tobacco pipes and products and have that general store feel. It’s going to be a neat place for a niche market.

So to get themselves out there, What does every new business need? You guessed it – an identity. The clients wanted something cute and playful centering around three animals that represented the business owners. Animals chosen for the project included an elephant, an owl, and a chameleon (originally a rabbit). All animals were to have pipes and the logo was to be circular with a vintage feel.


Happy 2015!

This week, I have kicked off creative 2015 with a few of portfolio updates. I have been working on several cool pieces for clients lately, so I thought I’d take a minute to update my portfolio. You know – the whole New Year, new pieces thing. 🙂 Anywho, here is one of pieces that I wrapped up in late 2014:

Living Joy Ministries: Journal of Intentional Living (1st Edition)


This 300+ page journal was awesome to work on. The purpose of the Journal is to guide the journal owner onto a path of living intentionally through God. The client started her own ministry and wanted people to have a way to keep track of their thoughts, and studies. It  is a planner for your everyday spiritual living. The first edition is soft cover with foil stamping.


I have been commissioned to create character concepts and branding for a new store launching in Raleigh in the beginning of 2015! So thrilled! Here are a few of the (very rough) doodles of character ideas for the client. I am working of refining the new characters, but I wanted to put up a few of the doodles that weren’t selected.

I am currently in the process of creating the vectors for a logo, so the final product won’t be this detailed for the brand, but may be used in some collateral later on.

Final Edits Complete!

I just finished up the final edits for the Living Joy Journal project! My client is reviewing and then sending them to final print. If all goes well, we should be able to see a retail-ready copy by mid to late October! Can’t wait to photograph it!

Living Joy

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and work with the founder of Living Joy, Mary League. Mary contacted me in early June to ask if I would meet with her about a project she wanted to get started. When we met, Mary asked if I would do the branding for Living Joy and the layout for her Journal. Ummm…Yes!

The project wrapped in June and was shipped off to the printer’s! I am very excited to hold a copy in my hands. I will post pictures soon!


Sunday, Sunday

Construction Birthday Stationery

Hello all! I hope that you have had a great start to your new year! I know that I haven’t been posting on here in a little while. But never fear, I will be updating my blog over the next few weeks with projects that I have finished or have been working on recently. Stay tuned!

Construction Birthday Stationery
A birthday suite done for my internship at Suite Paper

Pocket Folder: Final

IMG_20130919_245419_152-1_Anne_Rainbow_Soft9 x 6 pocket folder with “custom die-cut and foil stamping” (done by hand for prototype).

I had a bunch of fun working on this folder. I definitely learned to wield the x-acto knife with more accuracy. This project was about patience; the more patient you were with the construction, the more beautiful the piece would be.

The foil stamping around the die-cut was last minute inspiration. I really like the “pop” that it gives to the inner yellow-orange color.

I think that I may make more of these for my personal stationary. I think that the size is a good fit for my mini-resumes and my mini business cards. Am I sensing a theme?